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We believe no worthy presenter should be excluded from presenting at your conference due to visa issues, travel restrictions, or lack of funding. If the presenter can't meet his or her audience, we bring the audience to the presenter with virtual posters.

Virtual posters involve the electronic submission of a presentation in a standard PDF format. Once the presentation is accepted, it is made available for viewing by all attendees during your meeting. Virtual poster presenters each have an allotted time to be virtually present, via live Internet video, and to discuss their research results with colleagues live and via email. Online translation services can help presenter and attendee overcome any language barrier that may be present.

This opportunity is designed specifically to enable those located outside of North America, who would otherwise not be able to attend, to present their work at your meeting. With this philosophy in mind, we are able to limit submissions to those who reside outside North America, to encourage attendance.

Benefits and Features of ePosters

  • ePosters can be listed in the formal printed program/proceedings for your meeting and will be a fully-qualified scientific presentation at that meeting, equal in every way to one given if the author had attended the meeting live. The presentation will be citable as such.
  • Your organization will gain international exposure not only to the U.S. audience, but also to all other virtual poster presenters around the world. Attendees will be able to see all other virtual posters, and virtual poster presenters will be able to do the same.
  • The Conference Exchange can create a certificate, suitable for framing, acknowledging and documenting the virtual poster presentation at this meeting. Presenters can incorporate that certificate into their professional documentation.
  • Protection of intellectual property rights has been an emphasis of the technology development from the beginning and many measures are in place to protect the author's work.
  • We offer an "open format" which means that the format of the poster itself is entirely up to the presenter. Virtual posters can be in any format that you choose, include figures, photos, video, sound, etc. Presenters can use whatever format you feel best presents their work.
  • Your organization can collect a fee during the submission process in order to offset the expense of internet access at the meeting.
  • The Conference Exchange can manage access to these virtual posters, making them accessible only to meeting attendees, or to your organization's membership.