Exhibitor Management

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Interactive Exhibitor Map

Allow your attendees to see who is exhibiting, and where their booth is, so they can plan their trip to the exhibition hall all at once.

Generate an Exhibitor Index

Generate list of exhibitors for print and web. Post that list and the exhibitor profiles online.


Enable attendees to include specific exhibits in their personal agenda through our native and browser-based web apps.

Payments and Communication

When assignments are made, exhitors are sent to Exhibitors Corner to view their assignments, pay their balance, upload company logos, and update information.


  • Exhibitors can have a virtual exhibit online as well as their physical booth.
  • Attendees can interact with exhibitors online.
  • Exhibitors can collect and manage leads from online visitors.
  • Exhibitors can chat with online visitors and create appointments.
  • Enable attendees to include specific exhibits in their personal agenda through our native and browser-based web apps.


Exhibitors can use applications to track leads, making your conference an attractive expo destination.

Exhibitor Registration

Booth and Personnel Registration

Allow your Exhibitors to register their booth and personnel online.

Integrate with our Registration services.

Exhibit Hall

Collect Exhibitor Profiles

Basic Information

Give exhibitors password-protected access to forms for uploading company profiles.

  • Submitter email
  • Company address
  • Descriptions
  • Which competitors to avoid, Which ones to be near
  • Sales Email
  • signatures for Terms and Conditions
  • Booth staff
  • Social Media URLs
  • Pictures and videos
  • External links
  • Logos and banners

Collecting Contact Information

Like the abstract system, exhibitor roles are added to the Person Step in the submission process. Role types, limits and role notifications can be configured differently for each event.

Collecting Exhibitor Booth Preferences

Exhibitor space is not limited to booths or tables. We've also had exhibitors who are assigned to an outdoor space.

Exhibitors can choose and purchase the size and type of space they need.

Advertising and Sponsorships

Advertising and Sponsorships

What types of sponsorship and advertising opportunities are you offering your exhibitors? These can also be added to your exhibitor options.

Sponsors and advertisers can also be added to the attendee app even if they are not exhibitors.

Assigning Space and Sponsors

For each assignment, exhibit managers have the option to edit individual costs and add notes. When an exhibitor is assigned to a space, semi-automatic emails can be sent to the company contacts immediately.