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Access Control

Decide who has access

You can control access to parts of the submission or review process to staff, volunteers, reviewers, submitters, etc.

In Meeting App you can limit access to presentation documents and recordings, to particular sessions, or to the entire app itself. Attendee lists, membership status, registration or exhibitor status, and login status can all be used to decide who gets to see what.

Integrate with your Association Management System to validate membership and registration status, import personal information in real time, and even allow for 'Single Sign-On' (SSO), reducing the number of times your users have to enter a username and password.

Access Protection

Our hierarchical password protection scheme ensures that only authorized persons can touch sensitive data, and then only at appropriate times. Each client is assigned a separate database, so data cannot leak from one client to another.

Logging in



Your program content can live beyond the meeting

After your meeting, we can archive files online, allowing access to any range of participants — everyone, all attendees, all subscribers, or even just the presenters themselves.

We offer a secure shopping cart, allowing your users to purchase subscriptions to an entire conference worth of data, or specific programs, sessions, or even individual files.


Confidentiality and Conflict of Interest: Company Policy

We take your data seriously and work to protect it.

We pledge individually and as a company that we will:

  • protect the confidentiality of the information we collect for our clients
  • share that information with others only as our clients instruct us
  • ensure that information to be shared is not shared prematurely
  • be sensitive to potential conflict-of-interest situations and to bring such situations to the attention of Confex management for discussion with the association managers
  • avoid recruiting staff from our clients unless someone in authority at the association has encouraged us to do so, and
  • not derive any personal advantage from our privileged access to the data we collect.


At Confex we include a privacy policy on each client site covering the collection and use of personal, financial and other sensitive information in compliance with GDPR standards.


Our servers are in a secure data center, with continuous backup. The system is supported by 24-hour monitoring, and system availability exceeds 99.9%. We are on call 24 hours a day for emergency response.